How TreeChip revolutionizes your logistics

Up to 30% more efficiency

automated, simpler, faster and conciser
  • Inventory
  • Cultivation
  • Warehouse Management
  • Harvesting
  • Consignment
  • Accounting

Instant online check of production status vs. customer orders

TreeChip Technology

The TreeChip technology is a sophisticated logistics system especially developed to comply with the challenging requirements of the Christmas tree industry.

In the last years the technology has been thoroughly tested together with the key players in the Christmas tree industry to withstand harsh conditions such as ice, snow, mud, frost and to ensure simplest handling. Today the technology is market ready.

Depending on customer wish the TreeChip system can be installed on cultivation tractors, netting/palletizing/bailing machines, fork lifters as well as smart phones. At specific control points within the logistic chain the TreeChip Tag data is wirelessly read by the TreeChip Scanners, transmitted and centrally administrated. Therefore there is no gap within the whole logistic chain from marking in the plantation, harvesting, netting, storing until the loading on the customer truck. On top the filled pallets are marked with a TreeChip Tag storing all the data of the whole pallet.

The system consists of a TreeChip Tag, a TreeChip Scanner and the TreeChip Software. The TreeChip Tag stores the relevant tree data such as quality and length, which is wirelessly read by the TreeChip Scanners.

The TreeChip Software controls the interactions of the different TreeChip modules, the data collection, the data transmission, the data analysis as well as the consignment and loading.

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